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Psychometric Brain Analyser cum Counsellor

Benefits of ProgramSelf Awareness and Career guidance Identification of strengths and weakness of any individual Source of social contribution through psychological understandingHelpful to understand the behaviour and attitude of students Relationship Management through a better understanding Highlights:o What is Multiple Intelligences?o How can Multiple Intelligence be helpful to parents and

Become a Social Entrepreneur

Program DetailsStart your new career as a social entrepreneur. Think strategically and enjoy launching your new product or service. It's better to run a mission-driven business to fulfill financial, educational and health-related issues and social needs of everyone. Social entrepreneurship delivers solutions where markets, governments, and non-profit organizations alone might fail. Social enterpr

The Art OF Goal Setting & Science Of Achievement

“A Master Class To Learn How To Achieve Anything You Desire In Life”The expert guide to learn the powerful and foolproof techniques to set GOALS and STRATEGIES to build processes to achieve them.Only 1% of people in the world are able to achieve what they dream of. Those 1% may or may not be genius or extraordinary at all but they certainly know something that is not available to the rest. Th

Super Memory & High Speed Math Bundle of 2 Programs

Product Detail:Note: This is Bundle Program including 2 Courses for the Super Memory & Mental Math DevelopmentCOURSE 1: SUPER MEMORY POWER (Basic Memory Course)Academic Program Duration: 15 DaysCourse Details:This program is based on the law of imagination and law of association, it includes various memory techniques in the form of a secret coding system that enables people to remember perfectly

Concentration Basic – Pineal Gland Activation

Product Detail:CONCENTRATION (Attention Deficit Disorder)Academic Program Duration: 15 DaysCourse Details:The middle brainstem, also called the Mesencephalon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay centre for visual, auditory, and motor system informationThe Brain layer is located above the brain stem of human beings. It is responsible for the perception of stimuli and the subsequen


Product Detail:ADVANCE CONCENTRATION (QSR) Yoga & DhyanAcademic Program: 1 MonthCourse Details:Advance level, ESP Enhancement Program is the program to enhance the perceived ability of ultra-right-brain five senses, the super perception in the right brain and it has the uncanny ability. With the 90 days training plus some revision practice children might have the ability for tactile force (psychom

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