Essential Life Skills

Learn to Grow

Apart from the academic curriculum designed by IBRI in accordance with the board and affiliate bodies, we at IBRI lay special emphasis on some compulsory activities some of them, for example, are Formal Social Interaction Etiquettes, Communication / Interpret, Body Language, Personal Safety, Social Responsibility, Soft Skills, Concentration, Reading, Memory, Focus, Productivity, Confidence, Handling Emotions, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Relationships Good Decision-Making Skills, Debates, and Role Play to make everyone Life Skills Empowered to Face the Challenges of Life!

Our programs unlocks the next levels of advancement in a given program such as math or science or english. Depending on the findings of this information the computer-generated system will automatically indicate the areas of extra efforts required and recognition of extraordinary developments of skills but it will depend on the time and practice done at LearnGate as per expert guidelines. Several other additional skills are compulsory for every student at school in addition to job oriented or career-oriented education for each child as per LearnGate periodic analysis indicate and decide the way to be paved a way which leads to a child’s perfect education in all terms making him what he desires to be. Attain an education that guarantees the achievement of goals of an individual child.