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We are aimed at a giant step into the future by conducting a modern form of learning with the help of scientific technology. Online courses for students and professionals are most sought after. As the amount of time devoted by the students in school is not adequate to acquire an in-depth and practical understanding of a wide array of subjects. Therefore, the demand for online home tuition is rapidly gaining momentum and online classes have a positive effect on a student’s academic performance.

Instructional technology is most prominent in educational settings, and now it is entering into K-12 environments. what is instructional technology used for? The main purpose of instructional technology is to create engaging, effective learning experiences using available technological tools for pedagogical purposes and motivation

We provide benefits beyond instructional support; our online tuition classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers who impart knowledge of different subjects in the simplest and easy-to-understand method. Now the students do not have to carry their heavy bags of books or waste their time in the library, seeking information for their new project. Now students can study from home without actually going to a tutor.

Online Tuition

Advantages & Benefits

Online coaching is better than the conventional method. It enhances the quality of education. It provides many advantages & benefits, some of them are listed below:

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Students can interact, test their understanding and get immediate feedback.
Students can study from their own homes comfortably. Students can prepare their schedules and can study at their own pace. It allows the students to indulge in other activities such as school, sports, work and other obligations. Thereby allowing transportation-related cost- and time savings.
With the help of online courses, students can watch recorded lectures, repeat exercises, read discussion comments by fellow students, and take the time they need to master concepts.

K 12 courses offered by our platform are the most cost-effective, preferred, and trusted courses where the students can access recorded classes, appear for interactive tests, revise and practice the concepts at any time.
Online tuition class is a very effective medium of communication between a student and a teacher. The student gets sufficient time to interact and discuss with the teacher. As it is a one-to-one affair and not 20-30 pupils studying together.

When a student can directly interact with the teacher, the student is likely to grasp the concept knowledge more effectively. Instant doubts clarification is possible by discussing them with the teacher.
Online tuition lessons can easily be customized as per the student’s requirements. But it is not possible in school as the students need to adhere to a certain pace along with the rest of the class.

An ideal teacher for online tuition will be able to identify a student’s weaknesses and help him/her to work on such areas.
A student who is weak in any particular subject or topic gets tremendous assistance from online tuition. The teacher is a vital help in boosting the students’ interest, skills and overall performance. The teacher can teach a weak student to devote additional time and concentrate more on that particular subject or topic.

One-to-one online coaching can significantly help the students to identify areas that need extra improvement and amplify their learning capacity and pace.
The assessment encourages the students to develop learning skills and magnify their capacity to complete the assignment within a predetermined time.
Online tuition is the most effective means to provide support and attention to the students while they are preparing for the tests and exams. An online teacher helps to work efficiently and score good marks in the exams and provide valuable tips and tricks on how to solve a problem. These tips provided by an online teacher boost the morale and instil confidence in the student to achieve the stipulated goals.
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Our professional teachers love learning and teaching so as to share their love and excitement with the students. LearnGate is proud to have a dedicated faculty which have helped thousands of trainees in past years and we look forward to sustaining the momentum.

Why are tuitions considered important for school students?

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Tuition

Students are expected to score good marks in their tests/exams. But merely classroom learning isn’t sufficient for the students but keeping the knowledge in permanent memory is also significant, therefore the students should adopt scientifically designed study patterns and acquire a detailed understanding of the given concepts. The best performance has always been the outcome of hard work, dedication, and engaging in tuition classes.

Today online education is most sought-after, as it offers the students an opportunity to learn from the best teachers of the country irrespective of their physical location. Students need reliable guidance in their studies. Our Online learning platforms provide the best online courses to enhance students’ understanding of all the concepts.

Online tuition classes offer several advantages for school students. Such as:
  • • individual attention and guidance
  • • Personalised study timings, Scientific strategies, and methodologies
  • • morale and confidence Boosting
  • • Assistance for homework and tests
  • Tuitions help students perform better in their exams. For any exam, the student needs to devote plenty of time, effort, and hard work. Students can score good marks in the exam if they take up tuitions and guidance so as to work on the weak areas for improvement.

    Tuitions classes are tedious when the students need to travel long distances to and from such classes. Online tuition is a wonderful solution for the problem of wastage of time, money, and effort. In the case of online tuition, students do not have to travel. Rather, they can get the benefits of online classes from the comfort of their home environment.
    Mathematical skills can be improved only by practising regularly. The students need proper practice to be better. The understanding of different Maths concepts helps to score good marks in the subject. Apart from that, the students must try to solve maximum mathematical questions and exercises in the subject.