4 Level Unique Learning Program

Complete Brain Development.

Our scientific brain development programs help in the overall development of children with the learning skills –like memory, speed reading, accelerated absorption brainwave control, cognitive optimization, etc.

Memory Power

Complete all 3 Courses and Get FREE Brain Test Worth INR 5000/-


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Super Brain Package
for Students, Teachers
& Parents.

Eligibility to Join:- School students 9 years onward. For students preparing for various competitive exams like IIT, JEE, CET, PMT, SAT, CAT, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, IAS, IPS etc. Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Managers Businessmen, Housewives and anybody who want to improve their memory, mind and brain abilities, is serious about their life and performance and wants to fulfill his / her true potential.

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🧠 Super Brain Development Package

The complete brain development through scientific techniques & methodologies.

Package Includes

NO MORE : ❎ Memory Problems, ❎ Less Marks in Exams, ❎ Wrong Career Selection

Super Memory Power

It develops our mental abilities, and interest in studies. Improves our memory power, and Imagination power. Builds mind power, determination, and willpower. Develops both parts of the human brain. Builds mental strength, and sharp reflexes. Creates self-confidence and self-empowerment. Increases learning capabilities.

What you’ll learn
  • How does our brain work?
  • How do we memorise?
  • Why do we forget ?
  • The correct way to memorize?
  • How to activate your brain?
  • How to become a topper?
  • How to Memorise in one go?

Hi-Speed Mathematics

Can you Answer 85 X 85 = ? in 3 seconds? Can you Answer 63574 X 99999 = ? in 5 seconds? Yes! YOU CAN

Using this system, you can able to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers faster than someone using a calculator. Our Program includes the mathematical methodologies written and propounded in the thousands of year old Great Vedas. Today kids have more access to computing devices therefore the ability to calculate mentally is decreasing. This program gives students an understanding for numbers which lost due to calculators and computers. The simplicity of Vedic Mathematics is that calculations can be carried out mentally. This leads us to more creative, interested and intelligent pupils.

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Advance Concentration

Through pineal gland activation, you will be able to use your six senses. Get excellence in academics, music, art, sports and more.

What you’ll learn
  • Live stress, anxiety free life
  • Be directed to your true path
  • Obtain sharp instincts
  • Manifest the life you desire
  • Enjoy boundless levels of creativitye
  • Awaken your higher intuition
  • Improve you hidden psychic abilities
  • Awaken your childlike imagination
  • Harness the power of attraction
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  • Complete all 3 Courses and Get FREE (Worth INR 5000/-)
  • Psychometric Brain Test

    Analysis of brain using the scientific method of detecting interests, sensitivity, best abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and other behaviour-related qualities and disabilities. The process is a combination of various analyses and processes including, the DITA Test, Aptitude Test, Brain Mapping, and expert counselling.

    • DITA Test
    • Brain Aptitue Test
    • Brain Mapping
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